Reports of my Demise . . . 

Y'know, when I originally started a blog, I had every intention of keeping this thing updated on a timely basis. I wanted to use it as an insight to the creative mind and the creative process, avoiding the typical "my life sucks, why don't you read about it so I can make you miserable, too?" journal that seems so prevelant. I wanted to use this not only as a positive influence, but also as a sort of winding-down to my daily grind of cartooning.

The best laid plans . . .

Life has gotten in the way of my posting, and not all of it bad. I have been busy to the point of being overloaded, picking up assignments -- and invites back to participate further -- where I didn't expect them. I have finished two short stories this year, am working on a full-color double-spread cover (front and back) for the program for an upcoming convention, a pin-up to go with it, another two short stories, a micro-comic, a toy review column for a new website, continuing website reviews for a small press magazine, comic reviews as told by my characters, and all of this has deadlines due in just under two weeks and going through the end of May (my only convention appearance is in June, and I want to have tons of work to show and premier). And then it starts all over again with two more deadlines in June.

And that's not including my regular at-home responsibilities, or "crisises" that have been cropping up in our daily lives here in "Alcatraz".

Don't get me wrong, now. I'm not complaining, not in the least. I haven't been this busy -- or productive -- in literally years. And, damn, does it feel good. But I'm actually starting to feel the stress, balancing household duties and a blossoming career (well, a career if it ever pays). And with the promise of Spring teasing us in the northeast, it's only a matter of time before my outdoor duties start popping up like . . . well, like weeds.

Damn, I just realized I slipped into "my life sucks, why don't you read about it so I can make you miserable, too?" mode. Hey, didja know my back hurts and my feet are giving me so much gyp that I can barely stand lately?

There; I'm officially whinning.

Next time, I promise more creative insight. And more timely, too. Like I could be any less, right?

Doc "Putting the 'Pro' in 'Procrastination'" Absurd



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