Disney-fied McKenzies 

Rutt and Tuke Posted by Hello

And this is them, from the original concept drawings of Brother Bear. The resemblence is even more noticable when you've got a bunch of the toys sitting around together. I have a shelf entirely dedicated to my beer enthusiasm, including bottle caps, a few bits of Guinness memorabilia, the Bob and Doug action figures, the small plush from the Disney Store, and a couple of PVC figures of Rutt and Tuke. And once I get Strange Brew on DVD, I'll seal the VCR tape and display that along with everything else.

I don't do anything half-assed.

Doc "Stout" Absurd



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Exploring the Great White North 

Great White North, eh? Posted by Hello

Okay, if you're not from Canada, or didn't grow up near the Canadian border, you have utterly no idea who these two are.

That's Bob (Rick Moranis) and Doug (Dave Thomas) McKenzie, two recurring characters from the old CBC teevee show, SCTV. They were the epitome of stereo-typical Canucks (and I say that with every ounce of endearment I can muster; I'm an American Canuck at heart), repleat with Scottish-derived accents, dount-based dietary supplements, backbacon on the Coleman, and beer in stubbies (short bottles before long-necks became the rage).

When I was in high school, their album, the Great White North, was released, sometime in the early 80s. Their hit single Take Off was our battle cry, even featuring Geddy Lee of Rush (another Canadian import band) on vocals. They followed the album with a silly little movie called Strange Brew, based -- oddly enough -- upon Shakespeare's Macbeth.

I never got the album. Never could find it. And by the time I was old enough to drive to Canada by myself to buy the damn thing, it was so out of circulation, it had become the stuff of legends.

Once again, thank God for online contacts.

During another creators' chat, we were talking about recent animation. And Disney's Brother Bear had just been released on DVD. The movie (quite good, by the way) features two characters giving their comments, talking utter nonsense and completely destroying the flick.

Causing nothing short of full hysterics in myself and the Things.

And which two characters do I speak of? Why, two moose called Rutt and Tuke, based on none other than the McKenzie brothers.

Anyway, when mentioning this, someone chimed in that they had the original album, and were more than happy to make me a copy on CD.

Which I now have. And have been playing non-stop for weeks.

And why do I mention this? Simply because I've created two new characters based (read as "swiped") on Bob and Doug. And their first appearance will be in a holiday wallpaper I'm now working on.

So stay tooned as I work these guys into my regular series. Yet more insights into the creative mind.

And to think others take drugs to get like this.

Doc "Hosehead" Absurd



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More Cthulu 

Cthulu, that wacky elder god Posted by Hello

This is Cthulu. This is the picture that was supposed to be with my other blog entry from February (go ahead, re-read it now; I'll wait). Thank God for this new "Hello" thingy, or you'd be forever wondering what the hell he's supposed to look like full size. Yes, it's a wallpaper. Go ahead, use it; I don't mind.

Maybe I'll even be kind enough to publish the entire first story online for your perusal.

Yes, that was a threat.

Doc "So Help Me" Absurd



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Both Sides of the Mouth 

Yeah, it's been ages. I realize that. And all I have to offer -- for the moment -- is that my life has sunk to new and previously unrealized levels of hell. I'll elaborate further at another date; honestly, I just don't feel like getting into it right now.

But this is an improved me. I've lost over 100 pounds from the stress, and close to 6 inches from my waist. My job is getting me toned without my even noticing. I'm emerging from these trials a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. And a lot more opininated. There's a lot more stuff I'm noticing about people that are really pissing me off.

Hypocrisy, for example. People who say one thing and do something else entirely are really grating my cheese lately. Let me give you a "for example":

I occassionally hit a parenting chatroom when I feel a need to contact other adults. And considering how unresponsive my Bitter Half has been of late (that should be a clue as too where some of my hell has been originating), I'm craving decent conversation more and more. So I met a mother online, and we've been chatting out of the regular confines. And we've been arguing about the duties of a stay-at-home parent.

She's a soon-to-be single mother of 5. She works full-time, takes care of her children, the house, etc, and simply can't understand why it takes me so long to do all my duties. Mind you, I work 24 hours out of the house per week, do my cartooning, my writing, take care of my two Things, clean, cook, do laundry, yardwork; everything I'm supposed to be splitting with my Bitter Half but a continue to do alone.

Don't get me wrong; I feel bad for Mother-of-5. She's had a lot of bad shite happen to her, not the least of which was breaking her back in a skiing accident. She's got a lot on her plate.

But she told me at one point, "I don't consider housework to be real work. Certainly not work in the sense of a job."

And then I find out the other day that she doesn't really do all her own housework. No, she has someone come in and do the "deep-cleaning", as she put it. Scrubbing the toilets and tubs, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, changing sheets on the beds. Which, oddly enough, is only part of the list I do on a weekly basis. Alone.

So, as I understand it coming from her, a man staying at home isn't really doing anything; and a woman staying at home is being held back. She doesn't consider staying at home to be "real work". But it's enough of a hassle for her to go out and hire someone to do those things for her.

That's just stoopid, if you ask me. I bust my arse 7 days a week, sometimes as much as 60 hours in those days, to keep the house running properly (not that anyone notices). I get squat for my efforts, barely even a "thank you". If I didn't work, I'd be trapped in the house 24/7. And what makes it worse is that my job entails many of the duties I do at home; but at least I get paid for them there.

Watch what you say, people, before you start lobbing stones. Think about your own life before you decide what someone else does is unimportant. I saw my mother stay home and raise my sister and myself while my father worked two jobs to keep food on the table. Nothing is more important to children than having one parent around when they need them.

Staying at home ain't all bon-bons and soap operas.

Doc "Janus" Absurd



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